Thursday, 24 November 2011

Some hearts are diamonds

Some hearts are stone.

Sing it fella from Smokie!

This was on a cd I was listening to sat on the train corridor floor while coming back from getting my tea signed.

BTW, if you want to freak people out, use a sony cd walkman. Watch their eyes spin like fruit machine reels as they try to work it out. They understand headphones, but then their eyes follow the wire, and where's the ipod? W T and indeed F!!!!
Note that I'm not totally behind the curve, as mine will play mp3 cd's. I just don't want to buy into the ipod thing after I discovered the battery is an integral part of it. I like my tech to work for decades, not years thank you vury much!

Er, where was I? Oh yah, Chris Norman, ex Smokie. Big in Germany you know... No surprise it was a German made cd. Ist gud, Jah?

In other news, twas the Misty's birthday this week. I resisted the urge to send her anything, not even a card. It's odd after all this time she's still got the power to make me feel miserable. Never mind, I'm sure when the final scales are used peeps will get what they deserve...

Er, rambling. Sleep now. Sleep good.

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