Monday, 21 November 2011

Excitement! Adventure!

All of the above have been lacking recently. So on Sunday I did something about it.

I got on the train, and went to not so sunny Birmingham. Where they be holding a 'meet the stars' type event, aka "Empty your wallet on entering plz".

But it was good... apart from the wallet emptying. Those on facebook may have observed my best gimp photo expression with "doctor who classic companions". AKA we used to be on doctor who but aren't now, but why not make a bob or two out of it?

This, however was the warm up to the big challenge. Their 'special guest' was Arthur Darvill, aka Rory on the current doctor who line up. Queue here, pay the man, queue a bit more, say hello to mr. Darvill, he signs your picture, say goodbye.

Except I did it slightly differently. Er, can you have anything signed, or just the supplied photo? Minder tells me I can get anything signed. Oh good!

For I came prepared you see... Hello... could you plz sign me this packet of tea?
Er, yes.... Why?
Why not? The fates of the world could rest on it!

Tea is signed. Plz to get this nutter away from me. Bye!

You know dear reader, it felt good to be odd. I think I'm going to have to try and inject more random strangeness into my life. Suggestions what on a carte postal SVP.

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