Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Idiot Girl has had her sat nav stolen from her car.
There are no prizes for guessing it's down to her own stupidity.

A) She leaves it in the car when not using it. WRONG!

B) It's stolen without damage to the car.

Eh? How did they get in Idiot Girl?
She doesn't know!
Did you lock it?
I don't have to lock it, it locks itself!

The penny drops.

Idiot Girl is too lazy to press the lock button on the key after getting out of the car. Thus she's been leaving it unlocked, and that's where the theft comes in...

For she is wrong-didly-wrong in her assumption. If you unlock the car, and don't drive off within 5 minutes it does indeed lock itself again. But once you start the engine said function is disabled, which makes sense otherwise all the petrol stations would be blocked with locked kias and bemused owners.

So she expects you to feel sorry for her. Instead you're left with anger that she's so bloody lazy....

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