Thursday, 27 October 2011

The drugs don't work

So I went to Sheffield for my MRI scan.

It didn't start well. Car park this way says the sign. This way I went. Car park is a multi storey. Max height 1.83m. My car is 1.9m. That's a no then. Fortunately found a surface space.

Went in the hospital, and a feeling of "this place is knackered" was evident. Dirty, peeling paint, worn out. Went to the reception, and she tells me here is your form, you have to follow the blue line on the floor, but it's a bit worn out. More like there are random spots of blue left here and there. But never mind.

By now I'm expecting the MRI machine to be steam powered, and for them to ask if I've brought any coal for it. But no! There is the usual plaque on the wall. MRI department opened by... and the date is April 2011. So the machinery is new and shiny.

I get jammed in a plastic tube for 15 mins. Fortunately the small space, and noise doesn't bother me. By the end I'm losing time perception, and almost drift off somewhere else. Methinks I would quite like to try one of those flotation tank things..

So I escape, and am told that I will get an appointment for the results at some point. We drive off, and my radio comes back to life as I get closer to home. It's playing the verve - the drugs don't work. Ohhhh spooky!


Amanda Huggenkiss said...

This is all taking a long time - you have been waiting for this for ages. But I'm sure it will all be OK.

p.s. I learnt long ago that monster trucks with bazooka tubes for holding fishing rods are good at removing carpark fluro lights ... you think you are fine until you go up a ramp.

p.p.s. All this talk of getting older it's getting me down.

C'riz said...

It has been going on for ages. I'm expecting them not to find anything after all this time, so I'll be left with general anxiety that something is wrong, and hope next time they're a bit quicker at detecting it.

I've not owned a monster truck, but did get my (other) land rover stuck in the entrance to a multi story once. So I'm rather scared of them now.